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Enhance agent and customer experiences by integrating our CCaaS solution with Salesforce CRM software

With consumers increasingly shopping online, retailers need to deliver an experience as reliable and convenient as the one they offer in brick-and-mortar stores. Crucially, they must facilitate agents’ work by giving them a one-stop interface that displays all customer information, but also enables the management of inbound and outbound calls and efficiently handles all omnichannel interactions.
Enhance agent and customer experiences by integrating our CCaaS solution with Salesforce CRM software
April 18, 2021 4 min of reading

The overview

A global company wants to deploy Salesforce computer telephony integration (CTI) and is looking for a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution that natively integrates with its CRM. The objective? To improve and personalise their customer relationship management by giving agents a single, user-friendly solution to manage all channels. This will allow them to be more efficient and achieve better results while providing customers with seamless omnichannel experiences over all voice and digital channels. The native integration of the CCaaS solution into Salesforce will also enable intelligent routing that connects customers to the right agent, with the right skills, at the right time. 

The challenge

Creating an immersive omnichannel shopping experience for customers that is consistent across markets and increases agent engagement and performance.

The company wants to:

  • Achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction across touchpoints,
  • Improve agent performance by enabling them to work on a single interface,
  • Route inbound contacts to the most qualified agent,
  • Obtain relevant customer insights for more personalised answers,
  • Enhance omnichannel reporting,
  • Facilitate remote work.

The solution

Odigo for Salesforce enables seamless and personalised customer interactions with:

Embedded CTI with voice capabilities

Cover all voice channels with computer telephony integration (CTI).

Advanced, skill-based routing for all voice and digital interactions

Connect customers to the agent ideally suited to help them.

Synchronised agent status across all channels

Raise agent performance by giving them coherent agent experiences (AX).

Omnichannel supervision and real-time statistics

Ensure quality control with greater visibility and the latest data.

Over 70 native features for agents, supervisors and administrators

Provide the team with a wide variety of functionalities.

The benefits

20 seconds average call time reduction
25% reduction in abandon rates
10 to 20% reduction in post-call time
Increased net promoter score (NPS)
Improved first call resolution (FCR)
25% reduction in transfer rates
30% average increase in net productivity

*Based on proprietary Odigo data

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