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June 16, 2023

Française des Jeux (FDJ) meets the needs of its various call centres with the Odigo™ solution.

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Française des Jeux (FDJ) is the leading French gambling and gaming provider and the second largest in Europe. The FDJ group, which serves more than 25 million players, has the largest distribution network in France with nearly 30,000 points of sale (mostly bar-tobacco shops) in more than 11,000 communities. 

Customer relations within the FDJ are organised around three historical call centres:   

  • The Customer Service Contact Centre (CCSC), a service dedicated to players and winners.   
  • The Sales Network Contact Centre (CCRV), dedicated to retail partner at the point of sale.  
  • The Gaming Surveillance Centre (SDJ), dedicated to game control and anti-fraud. 

In addition, there are some forty regional centres represented by sales offices spread across the country, according to geographical area. 

Since 2018, Odigo has partnered with FDJ to improve customer relationship management. 

Vincent Imbeaud, Technical Support Manager of the Sales Network Contact Centre, FDJ, tells us about it in the video testimonial. 

Key metrics

  • Post-call satisfaction survey: between 95% and 100% satisfaction with a 20% customer response rate 
  • TPC (call completion rate): over 90% of calls are answered.  
  • TMA (average waiting time): 70% of calls answered in less than 30 seconds.  
  • Resolution rate: 75% of calls are resolved online. 

The challenge

The Française des Jeux group was looking for a solution that would free it from managing the telephone system and refocus on its core business, customer relations.   

The challenge was to rationalise the various tools and processes in use within a single solution, while taking into account the specific characteristics of each call centre.  

In order to support their desire to provide an ever-improving customer service, optimise agent occupancy and offer new digital channels, the FDJ group wanted to work with a partner with a CCaaS solution. 

The solution

The Odigo™ solution met 100% of the needs of the FDJ Group and their call centres. It provided voice channel management, intelligent routing, self-service tools, automatic management of callback requests, identification of top customers, the possibility of remote work and the implementation of a customer satisfaction survey.

The benefits

Flexible configuration

The Odigo™ solution makes it possible to constantly adapt to customer needs by modifying routing rules in real time. The parameters are set by the business, which can instantly and simply modify agent profiles and flow parameters. Mutual assistance between platforms is made easier, and the effects are immediate. 

The spirit of partnership  

The spirit of partnership within the Odigo team, who are always ready to offer advice.

An omnichannel solution

Française des Jeux’ objective is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, by anticipating needs and constantly upgrading tools. In order to respond as quickly as possible to requests and direct them to the most competent advisor, the unification of all voice, chat and email interactions is underway within the Odigo™ omnichannel console.

La Française des Jeux logo
La Française des Jeux
The FDJ Group is the leading gambling operator in France, the second largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. The Group has a monopoly on lottery and sports betting in retail outlets in France and also runs activities open to competition – mainly online sports betting. La Française des Jeux has more than twenty-five million players, i.e. approximately one in two French adults, to whom it offers a fun and general public range of more than eighty-five games, which are constantly renewed and entirely responsible. Company website link
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