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April 16, 2021

KparK gets closer to their customers by improving customer relations with digital solutions

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KparK is a leading European manufacturer and installer of interior and exterior windows, doors, gates, fences and other carpentry products.

The challenge

Traditionally, KparK made sales by approaching customers directly. Today, online marketing and sales are much more significant, which means KparK needs a highly sophisticated Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution as the foundation for its customer relationships.

The solution

KparK replaced its legacy customer contact solutions with a new customer relationship center built and installed by the Odigo teams. The company chose an OdigoTM solution because it would enable them to create a platform capable of delivering the same high-quality service to customers from any geographical location.

Their Odigo solution included customized training for KparK’s service agents to ensure they understood and embraced the capabilities the software solution provides.

As part of its ongoing partnership with KparK, Odigo is helping the company adopt voice-operated services that integrate with its existing digital channels.

The benefits

Greater consistency

By making its customer relationships virtual and empowering its agents with the right data-driven solutions, KparK provides its customers with consistent answers.

Increased availability

KparK’s customer service department is now able to handle high volumes of interactions, which leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Committed support

The Odigo teams provide ongoing support to KparK, explaining best practices and helping the organization roll out the solution to their employees.

KparK logo
KparK is a leading European manufacturer and installer of interior and exterior windows, doors, gates, fences, and other carpentry products. Company website link
Scope and features

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  • Improved contact center efficiency
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