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Mr.Bricolage Group solves issues on the first call


Mr.Bricolage is a French retail chain that offers home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) goods with more than 680 outlets in France and stores throughout other European countries, along with South America and North Africa.

Key metrics


increase in resolution rates.

The challenge

Mr.Bricolage’s legacy customer service tools were failing, with a poor call handling rate and an increasing number of unanswered emails. New, more flexible tools for a nationwide customer service platform were needed fast.

The solution

The intuitive solutions and easy integration with Mr.Bricolage’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system made an OdigoTM solution a natural choice for the busy retailer.

The solution rapidly improved the company’s resolution rate by 20% and has enabled the business to gain greater insights into the reasons behind customer calls.

Odigo teams continue to work on customer service innovations for Mr.Bricolage, helping to implement a new “call and pay” application and improving self-service capabilities that give customer service agents time to concentrate on complex issues.

The benefits

Lower abandonment rate

Whether calls or emails, Mr.Bricolage can easily handle higher interaction volumes, leading to increased customer engagement.

Seamless CRM integration

The Odigo solution’s ability to natively connect with Microsoft Dynamics enables Mr.Bricolage to make the most of its customer experience ecosystem.

Increased insight

The Odigo Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution provides the statistics and analytics that help Mr.Bricolage gain a better understanding of why customers call and how best to solve their problems.

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Mr. Bricolage
Mr.Bricolage is a French retail chain that offers home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) goods with more than 680 outlets in France and stores throughout Europe, South America and North Africa. Company website link
Scope and features

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