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NLP challenges in the contact centre industry

The second eBook in the AI for CX series
NLP challenges in contact center

Natural language processing (NLP) is a crucial component of AI which enhances understanding, harvesting even more detail and context from speech and text. However, applying it is not as simple as just flicking a switch, NLP projects are diverse and require planning and thought. Discover what Odigo and Davies Hickman uncovered in the AI for CX survey about the real lived experience of those who have invested in NLP, and the outlook for the future through the eyes of European business executives.  

What can you expect in the second AI for CX eBook? 

  • Challenges to bear in mind when investing in NLP
  • Lessons, based on experience, to guide contact centre road-maps for change
  • Insights into a full range of high-priority applications
  • Visibility on how other organisations are making their NLP decisions
  • How geared toward investing in AI are those businesses which haven’t done so yet?
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eBook #3 will offer insight into how business leaders can reach their customer experience objectives with AI.

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The first eBook in the series takes an in-depth look at where EU businesses stand on AI for CX now compared to last year.

Download eBook #2 here.

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AI for CX eBook #2. Download eBook #2 here

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