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November 25, 2021

How automation is revolutionising phone-based journeys

When customers contact a brand, they expect to get the right information as quickly and simply as possible. They also expect consistency throughout their interactions. Every year, they use on average three different channels to contact customer service.

With the growing adoption of voice assistants and affordability of voice control, users are increasingly inclined to use voice, even when they have to wait to be able to use it. So, with a revolution in the making, it is crucial to consider the services and uses which phone portals can leverage to capitalise on automation and AI.

The aim of this white paper is to help you identify the right questions to ask yourself during your automation projects and to answer them to help you deploy an effective voice solution.

  • The different variations of AI and automation for use
  • Why the conversational user experience (UX) is key in automation projects
  • How to use AI to benefit advisors


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