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The Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer 2023 

A CCMA research initiative supported by Odigo 
Odigo is delighted to support the CCMA’s research into UK consumer opinion for the third consecutive year, and grateful for the participation of both UK consumers and professionals. 
Stephen Yap
Consumer preference is reverting back to assisted channels as the urgency of query resolution and need for reassurance has escalated.
Stephen Yap
Research Director at the CCMA
Leigh Hopwood
This year we are seeing the impact of economic pressures on consumers expressed in a downward turn in perceptions of customer service. Emotions are running high.
Leigh Hopwood
CEO at the CCMA

Despite the tide of digitalisation and bot-led channels, this year, agents have proven themselves to be the backbone of customer-centric care. However, the research suggests that agent-led experiences are at once more necessary and more negatively loaded.  

To meet rising expectations with the right strategies, explore the findings of this year’s Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer: 

  • The state of service today and how it’s changed.
  • How financial pressures and age influence perception.
  • The proportion of customers who become upset during interactions.
  • How consumers view agent support.
  • Which self-service intents are shifting back into agent territory. 

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