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Odigo for Salesforce

A leading solution to give your CRM a voice.

Integration with Salesforce’s CRM enables unified smart routing regardless of the channel for increased customer and agent satisfaction.

July 20, 2022

Odigo for Salesforce

Providing integration since 2013

Odigo has provided an open CTI with Salesforce since 2013. Today, this app has developed even further to combine data-driven design and natural language processing (NLP) with Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence (AI).

Greater customer satisfaction and faster call resolution can be achieved when every phone call is managed with CRM data and intelligent automation (IA).

The Odigo and Salesforce integration creates a unified agent and digital channel experience for faster, smarter, and more personalised services that can be supervised from anywhere in real-time.

  • Improve agent performance in a unified dashboard
  • Increase ROI with faster call resolution and shorter average handling times
  • Personalised journeys for greater customer satisfaction

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