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08 July 202255 min of listening

Get Out of Wrap – hosted by Martin Teasdale

Get out of Wrap is a dedicated podcast for the contact centre community, hosted by Martin Teasdale, a contact centre veteran. The podcast features conversations with passionate contact centre people from across the industry who share insights, anecdotes and stories from their careers. Launched in 2019 and now with over 100 episodes, Odigo is joining the guest list with new voices, insights and topics. 

Get out of Wrap – with Stephen Yap
Get out of Wrap  Get out of Wrap – with Stephen Yap

Episode #120 – featuring Odigo / CCMA guest Stephen Yap

“You might have tried self-service. There’s evidence in the research that actually people of all ages are really willing to, it’s not like older folks are not willing to try, but they’ve probably found the experience poor and they’ve gone back to the phones.”
Stephen Yap – Research Director | CCMA

Stephen is the Research Director at the CCMA | Call Centre Management Association and is the guest on this episode of ‘Get out of Wrap – your podcast for all things contact centres‘.

The CCMA and supporting partner Odigo produced the Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer report 2022. 

In this episode, Stephen shares the key findings of the research and how consumers have changed, their preferences and how they want to interact with us and our contact centres.

This is a must-read report and a must-listen/watch if you want to deliver a great customer experience from your Contact Centre.

You can also watch the episode here:

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