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3 key customer service trends to look forward to at Call and Contact Centre Expo, London, UK

Neil Titcomb UKI Sales Director – Odigo

Customer service and the experience brands deliver to consumers have never been more important to the bottom line. Companies know that customer experience is a key differentiator and are therefore focusing on meeting the rising expectations of their customers.


Customer service and the experience brands deliver to consumers have never been more important to the bottom line – or more difficult to provide at scale. Companies know that customer experience is a key differentiator and are therefore focusing on meeting the rising expectations of their customers, regardless of the channel used to interact with the brand.

That’s why this year’s Call and Contact Centre Expo is likely to be the biggest yet. Odigo is a Platinum sponsor of the event, which take place at London’s ExCel on 18th and 19th March 2020 and will bring together the entire customer service community. Over 500 suppliers will share their latest innovations, while leaders from the biggest brands will discuss best practice and creating successful customer strategies. It is the perfect chance for visitors to hear and experience the latest ideas and technology, all in one place.

This year’s exhibition and conference revolves around three key themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Companies need to successfully respond to a growing volume of interactions from customers, on a widening range of channels. AI technology delivers the ability to automate service to improve satisfaction and increase efficiency within the contact centre, as well as to enable a more individual experience built on deeper understanding of customer needs. How is it being incorporated into strategies to boost customer satisfaction?

  • Personalisation

Customers have widely differing needs and expectations, which also change depending on what they are looking to do. They want to be treated as individuals, yet many contact centre processes handle every interaction in the same way, leading to a poor experience that helps no-one. Successful personalisation requires an understanding of demographics and channel preferences, as well as the ability to leverage data on previous interactions and customer products and services. Only then will companies deliver the right experience to everyone, every time.

  • Putting humans-first

Amidst all the talk of AI, there’s also a growing understanding that it needs to integrated with the human touch to match changing customer needs. That means the customer service agent will actually become more, not less important in the age of AI. How can companies bring technology and humans together, relying on their different skills to deliver the high quality experience that consumers are looking for?

Odigo at Call and Contact Centre Expo

The team at Odigo is proud to be attending CCCE and demonstrating how we enable a seamless, efficient, channel-less experience for our customers and a satisfying, engaging experience for service agents.

I will be a keynote speaker giving an in-depth session titled AI & Customer Experience – Latest Trends. Based on the latest research with senior decision makers that will be launched at the show, this session provides the chance to hear directly:

  • How AI is actually being used in the contact centre
  • Where AI is delivering real value and impact
  • What contact centre professionals see as the current state of AI and how it is helping them

Come along to our sessions on

Call and Contact Centre Expo brings together the industry in one place, making it the essential UK event for planning and learning for 2020 and beyond. Come along to listen to our sessions and find out the latest on contact centre AI or visit us on stand 1920get your free ticket here.

Neil Titcomb
UKI Sales Director – Odigo

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