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The Mobility Challenge for Ukraine a great success

Odigo is proud to announce the success of its 2nd Mobility contest initiative – a challenge to walk 22,700,000 steps in 3 weeks and raise €10,000 for the French Red Cross to support people in Ukraine.
The Mobility Challenge for Ukraine a great success
April 28, 2022 2 min of reading

Odigo prioritises employee health and wellness, which is of particular importance given the number of employees who work remotely. At the same time, we share a strong commitment to charity work and community service which apart from the Mobility Challenge includes such programs as Donneurs de Voix and Engagement Days

A few weeks ago, our Odigo culture ambassadors, who are dedicated to developing and promoting company culture across departments and countries, launched a challenge with the aim of fostering healthier lifestyles. Then an opportunity arose to give back to a community with crucial care needs.

Supporting people in Ukraine

Our Odigo Culture ambassadors established a collective goal for the step challenge that supports the work of the French Red Cross, which cooperates with the Ukrainian Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross in bringing aid to the people in Ukraine and refugees in neighbouring countries. The goal was to surpass the 2021 Mobility challenge result and take a minimum of 22,700,000 steps.

Surpassing our goal

Odigo is delighted to announce that a total of 198 participants from 43 teams in France, Spain and the UK took 36,977,988 steps which translates into a distance of over 25,885 kilometres. This 2022 Odigo Mobility challenge saw the number of participants almost double compared with last year and the results were substantially better, demonstrating the energy and the commitment of the participants.

For Odigo employees, the challenge was a chance to put their values into practice. “I was very motivated to participate in our 2nd Mobility challenge: the choice to support the French Red Cross and the energy of my dog were the key ingredients that helped me contribute to surpassing our team goal!” noted Mathilde Iachella, Application Analyst for Odigo.

“This challenge was the perfect excuse to start getting fit, and much more effective knowing that this is not the only goal since each step meant helping people in need. It was a lot of fun to be able to compete in a healthy way with all of my colleagues and a great way to unite all of Odigo’s employees, no matter where they come from,” states Ruben Molon, Consultant.

“I’m very proud of our collective performance that made our values resonate with our will to support the people in Ukraine at home and abroad. The DNA of the French Red Cross to support populations whatever their nationality or background deeply echoes with our humanity, our openness and our commitment,” said Maylis Crouzat, General Counsel for Odigo.

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