"We observed an improvement in regards to ease-of-management and reporting, which has led to increased productivity and better management.”

Frédéric Bernard - Customer Experience Director

Chronopost, a French express delivery leader, turned to Odigo’s contact center hub to ensure its customers enjoyed best-in-class service. For the past 4 years, agents have been working in optimal ergonomic conditions with increased reliability and agility. Additionally, Chronopost has enhanced service quality and achieved more efficient management.


The challenge

In 2015, when Frédéric Bernard became director of customer experience, marketing and internal and external communications at Chronopost, he decided it was time to revamp the telephony system of the company’s three French contact centers. The objective was to facilitate agents’ work by providing them with 360-degree customer views, in order to achieve increased productivity and greater consistency when responding to customers.


The solution

Chronopost launched a call for tender to find a CTI tool that was reliable, modern, agile and innovative. Importantly, this would come from a resourceful and proactive partner, committed to a long-term relationship.

Their search led to Odigo. Once implemented, a customer could contact Chronopost on any channel and their personal interaction history and contact details would be automatically retrieved and presented to an agent, achieving smooth and effective resolutions.

Agents greatly appreciate the new solution and it has been well received by unions. Making use of headsets instead of phones declutters agents’ desks and allows them to fully focus on customer care.



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