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September 15, 2022

PMU and Odigo: a solid partnership that owes nothing to chance

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PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is a prominent French betting organization primarily for horse racing but also offering sports betting and online poker games. It serves two types of passionate customers: customers who play in the 13,400 points of sale in France or at a racetrack anonymously and customers who play via an online account. Most of the approx. 800,000 customers who play online contact customer service to create and manage their account, place bets, ask questions about race events, etc.

There are 250 agents answering questions, managing sales and providing customer service. To ensure that each point of contact, from subscription to troubleshooting, generates a positive emotion, an ultra-segmented approach and customized systems have been set up according to customer profiles. For 2 years, Odigo has been PMU’s partner to improve its customer relationship management.

Sébastien Passedouet, Director of Services and Customer Relations, PMU, talks about this in our video.

Key metrics

Very high scores of satisfaction at over 90%.

The challenge

To generate a positive emotion at each point of contact, PMU had several objectives: to simplify customer journeys (whether digital or at the point of sale) and agent management tools; to be present with its customers at all times, at the right time and in the right place, in order to provide them with the service they need immediately: to provide maximum comfort for agents in order to make it easier for them to consult information, manage calls and text media, etc.

To address all these points, PMU was looking for a partner with cross-industry and cross-country experience.

The solution

The Odigo™ solutions implemented in mid-2020 are tailored to meet a wide range of PMU’s needs. These include: automated call distribution, voice recognition, SMS, Salesforce CRM and Verint QM connectors.

The next step is the implementation of a voicebot to help customers create an account on the website.

The benefits

A relationship of trust

It is in challenging moments that strong partnerships are built. The relationship of trust between Odigo and PMU is strong enough to guarantee that PMU’s point of view is heard and taken into consideration at each stage of the collaboration: from the project definition and deployment to the continuous evolution of the solution.

Robust and scalable

The Odigo™ solution provides PMU agents the intuitive tools they need on a daily basis to work more efficiently. By delivering personalized solutions to their customers in a quick and easy way, agents can even go above and beyond and offer additional services. They effectively become ambassadors of the PMU brand.


Odigo has demonstrated the ability to listen to PMU’s specific needs and incorporate them into future roadmaps.

Integration with the CRM

PMU’s Salesforce CRM is the master tool from which all technical and administrative actions are performed. It was important to integrate access to telephony, call management and the digital console with the CRM, in order to simplify the agent’s working environment and offer an optimized workplace. For this, integration with Salesforce was the right approach.

PMU logo
PMU operates in the betting world. In addition to its traditional horse race betting, PMU also offers a range of gaming services in France (via its network of 13,400 points of sale, at racetracks and on the Internet) and internationally (with more than 100 partners in 58 countries). Its 1,200 employees are spread over 23 sites in mainland France and overseas departments. Company website link
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