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July 7, 2022

Luminus energizes its contact center with new omnichannel capacity 

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Luminus is the second-largest utilities supplier in Belgium and is part of the EDF group. It is a major renewable electricity producer in its own right and supplies electricity, gas and energy services to approximately 2 million individual and corporate clients. Luminus has a commercial market share of around 24%.

Key metrics

10 million

client interaction per year


of commercial market share

The challenge

Luminus handles close to 10 million interactions with clients per year, and the numbers keep growing. As such, the company was on the lookout for a flexible and scalable solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality for the sake of quantity. One of the key prerequisites was optimal integration of the Salesforce CRM suite with their contact center platform. The new solution had to also be omnichannel and support clients in a personalized and proactive way, including efficient routing to over 800 agents.

The solution

Odigo delivers a bespoke omnichannel contact center solution which seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce platform. For Luminus, Salesforce is the centerpiece of its customer care effort. Odigo™ is used not only by the contact center but by several other divisions within Luminus as well.

The Luminus team sees a lot of value in added capabilities that were previously not available. These include workforce optimization solutions that are intuitive, making tracking and monitoring of agent performance an easier process. WebRTC softphone and voice recording solutions are just a couple of examples of Odigo features that have been particularly appreciated.

The benefits

Scalable contact center platform

The new Odigo™ solution is integrated with Luminus’ existing CRM system, Salesforce. It provides Luminus with the necessary flexibility in adding users and functionalities, and also in the management of the platform to react faster to rapidly changing demands.

Empowerment of non-technical users

The platform enables Luminus’ non-IT staff to make adjustments or changes that maximize the usefulness of the solution for agents and customers alike.

Bringing the entire client journey under one roof

Luminus was looking to optimize the customer as well as the agent experience. Odigo’s solution makes work easier and more manageable for agents by consolidating the entire client journey into a single interface and blending tasks being pushed to agents over various channels.

Early input from contact center staff

During a survey Luminus ran at the end of 2021, all 800+ agents were asked their input on how the new solution could optimize their work. Luminus incorporated this feedback into the implementation of the OdigoTM solution.

Luminus logo
Luminus is the second largest utilities supplier in Belgium. It is a major renewable electricity producer (no. 1 in onshore wind and hydroelectric power in Belgium) and supplies electricity, gas and energy services to approx. 2 million individual and corporate clients. Company website link
Scope and features

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  • Excellent customer experience
  • Rewarding agent experience
  • Improved contact center efficiency
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