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Voice of the European Contact Center Consumer 2023 

ECCCSE research supported by Odigo  
After tracking consumer opinion for several years in the UK, the CCMA (Call Center Management Association) and ECCCSE (European Contact Center & Customer Service Exchange) have expanded the scope of their comprehensive research to compare and contrast consumer needs and perceptions across Europe.

Why is the Voice of the European Contact Center Consumer 2023 so relevant? 

  • Many enterprises serve consumers in multiple countries and vertical sectors.  
  • Rapid digitalization with different levels of adoption and heavy competition have dramatically changed the CX landscape. 
  • Tough times, politically and financially, are sensitizing consumers to poor experiences.   
Stephen Yap
Big variations in customer service ratings are observed between industries and between countries.
Stephen Yap
Research Director at the CCMA
Leigh Hopwood
This research is an urgent reminder of why organizations across Europe and the UK must continue investing in the customer experience and the contact experience, and to place the customer at the center of everything that they do.
Leigh Hopwood
Managing Director of ECCCSE and CEO of CCMA

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