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Odigo — a Global Leader for the third year in a row according to ISG 

Thibaud Pietri
Thibaud Pietri Chief Product Officer

Scalable, AI-based CCaaS solutions made simple for you. This is why ISG, a top industry analyst, has named Odigo a Global Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ CCaaS 2022 report for the third consecutive year.

Odigo — a Global Leader for the third year in a row according to ISG 
October 18, 20222 min of reading

Odigo’s focus is always on humans, whether it’s a customer seeking badly-needed answers to urgent and unexpected questions, or the agent tasked with responding to scores of such customers. Our commitment is, through our contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions, to make contact centers capable of handling these interactions, even at high volumes. We make this possible by leveraging the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and software as a service (SaaS) for simple interfaces and delivery, all so agents can offer a better customer experience (CX). 

Ensuring CX effectiveness no matter the size of your brand 

Being a Global Leader means commanding the ability to support international brands in their efforts to create and give world-class CX. That means being scalable enough to process omnichannel interactions on multiple levels, whether regional, national, or even worldwide. Whether you’re leveraging rich communications services like WhatsApp for a chatbot to provide valuable resources to potential customers, or you need the flexibility of an open API for in-depth analytics, Odigo™’s CCaaS solution supports brands no matter the size or reach of their contact center operations. 

Of course, Odigo’s capacity for global coverage could not have been built without the help of our numerous strategic alliances. Firms such as Google, Salesforce, AWS and others work together with Odigo to help power its CCaaS solution with innovations that make it steady, secure and flexible. Furthermore, the software as a service(SaaS)-style delivery system of the Odigo™ solution means simplicity — reduced time to benefit, automatic updates as soon as they become available and, of course, the scalability that successful brands and contact centers require to grow. 

Odigo: champions of AI and NLP for customer engagement 

Employing AI in CX is not a passing trend. Open API connectors to Google Dialogflow CX leverage AI to assist contact center agents in the moments with vital information for customers. WhatsApp Business uses natural language understanding and processing for its chatbot functions so expanded options can be provided. Given the obvious benefits to customers and agents alike, we can no longer talk of AI as being the future when it is so obviously the present reality of CX. 

Indeed, 89% of European business leaders say their investments in AI to improve CX have paid off. The conversational AI market is poised to grow as much as 30% by 2024. Thanks to its numerous applications at nearly every point along customer journeys, there’s a great deal of trust in the concrete benefits of AI. Odigo Concierge, having been developed over the course of the last 17 years, has long relied on NLP and AI capabilities to help brands deploy a seamless customer engagement strategy. Together with ensured scalability through the SaaS approach, there’s no further question about why Odigo was chosen by ISG as a Global Leader three years running. 

An honor to help brands serve and scale up 

Odigo’s focus is, and will continue to be, on humans. As long as that remains the case, Odigo will continue to innovate to create scalable, AI-based CCaaS solutions made simple for you. “The recognition of Odigo as a Global Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center as a Service report makes us very proud,” said Odigo CEO Erwan Le Duff about the honor bestowed by ISG. “We constantly concentrate our efforts to innovate, taking advantage of AI to meet customers’ ever-changing needs. We help orchestrate seamless omnichannel customer journeys, even on a global scale. Odigo contact center solutions offers a new customer relationship model where technology solutions are inspired by empathy. That’s the way Odigo works, our customers’ business objectives become ours.”[Text Wrapping Break] 

Don’t just take our word for it. You can read everything said about Odigo in the full ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center as a Service report.  

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