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Odigo sponsors the Association des Donneurs de Voix

The Association des Donneurs de Voix has a mission: recording and distributing audiobooks free of charge to people with disabilities. Soon their library will be enriched by the voices of Odigo team members. More than 50 Odigo employees recently volunteered to record an audiobook together, while Odigo supported the NGO financially with a donation.
Odigo sponsors the Association des Donneurs de Voix
March 31, 20212 min of reading

The power of voice is central to the Association des Donneurs de Voix, who for over 40 years have been recording audiobooks for people otherwise unable to access them. A large part of Odigo’s expertise centers around voice channels, which maintain a key role in today’s customer experience. Supporting the work of Donneurs de Voix was a natural choice for Odigo.

Learn more about the initiative in the video below:

Supporting the association’s technology transformation

Since 1972, the Association des Donneurs de Voix has been recording, organizing and distributing audiobooks through over one hundred libraries to 15,000 people across France.

Odigo is supporting Les Donneurs de Voix through a financial sponsorship of 20,000 euros, which will help them:

  • Invest in equipment to facilitate the listening of books and recorded press,
  • Accelerate their digital transformation and the deployment of a new IT system, facilitating the work of the association’s 2,000 volunteers,
  • Switch from MP3 to Daisy (Digital Accessible Information System) format, allowing chaptered reading and easier navigation of audio tracks.

An opportunity for Odigo employees to commit

This partnership is also an opportunity for Odigo employees to get involved as voice givers (donneurs de voix), by recording a collective audiobook for the Association’s beneficiaries.

“Sharing the pleasure of reading with our 15,000 beneficiaries is the ambition of our association, and of the thousand voice donors across France. We are therefore very happy for Odigo’s financial support, and we welcome Odigo’s employees, who as volunteers will actively contribute to the fulfilment of our goal,” says Pierre-Marie Lecerf, President of L’Association des Donneurs de Voix.

“In this difficult context for people living alone, access to culture is all the more important, and I am very happy that Odigo can help Donneurs de Voix in their project. This partnership is a very concrete expression of our values of humanity, openness and commitment,” says Erwan Le Duff, CEO at Odigo.

Odigo, a company and staff committed to its mission

Last December, Odigo employees demonstrated their values for the benefit of four associations during the company’s first Engagement Days. Odigo continues to support initiatives that resonate with its people and reinforce its values as a Contact Center as a Service provider.

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