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Odigo receives Best IT project in Omnichannel Award

The 12th Platinum Contact Center Awards recognized Odigo for customer experience and technological innovation in their omnichannel solution for Leroy Merlin Spain, which played a key role in the retailer’s successful response to the pandemic. The award was presented jointly to representatives of both organizations, at the Teatro Goya in Madrid.
Odigo receives Best IT project in Omnichannel Award
July 22, 2021 3 min of reading

During the onset of the pandemic Odigo teamed up with the Spanish branch of Leroy Merlin to replace their in-store shopping experience with a new contact center solution. In just two months the retail giant launched a new omnichannel CCaaS solution which helped the store not only weather the pandemic, but achieve new levels of success. For the success of the solution, Odigo and Leroy Merlin Spain were presented with the Best IT project in Omnichannel Award.

Taking up the challenge

With their stores shuttered in response to the pandemic, Leroy Merlin Spain realized the urgent need for a new telesales service. The new solution would serve as the new central point of contact for customers, replacing in-store shopping. It would be launched with the additional challenge that all employees were suddenly working remotely, and it was urgent: the timeline was just two months.

The scale of the retail giant’s operations added additional considerations. Large volumes of calls would have to be managed – an average of half a million calls per month, with significant peaks and troughs adding up to a staggering 9 million calls over the course of a year. The vast inventory also required a refined qualification system. With a system that large, any inefficiency would be magnified.

Odigo accepted the challenge in August, and on October 1st Leroy Merlin Spain launched their new call center solution. It met each challenge, and enabled the retailer to drive their sales volume to new heights.

A successful solution

The success of the launch was due to multiple factors. The experience Odigo has gained over the years in the areas of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and customer experience (CX), together with their familiarity with related fields such as marketing and data management, made them a capable match for this diverse set of challenges.

The solution began with a voice channel. Later a WhatsApp channel was added, and plans are in motion to introduce additional channels, along with IA, quality monitoring as well as integration with other business tools. Leroy Merlin Spain gained a future-proof solution which will adapt to evolving customer needs and provide an agile and scalable framework going forwards.

Benefits on all sides

Leroy Merlin Spain overcame their challenges and went on to grow their sales significantly through their new remote sales channel. Even more valuable for the retailer, they improved their customer satisfaction (CSAT) and achieved greater proximity to their customer.

The Platinum CC Awards are prestigious independent awards in the contact center and customer service industry in Spain. They recognize both customer experience and technological innovation in the sector, and also consider empathy and intelligent problem solving. After almost a year of close collaboration, Odigo and Leroy Merlin Spain were recognized together this June with the Best IT project in Omnichannel Award. Javier Llosá, CEO at Odigo Iberia and Carlos Pascual, IT Operations Manager at Leroy Merlin received the award on stage.

We are very proud to receive such recognition,” said Lucía Álvarez, Business development director at Odigo. “The results we’ve achieved were possible thanks to the hard work of our teams and the outstanding collaboration we received from Leroy Merlin’s employees. We are very pleased to see the role our solution is playing in our client’s ongoing success.

Today with customers returning to shops, Leroy Merlin Spain continues to benefit from increased proximity to their customers, and from the agility of their Odigo CCaaS solution, which enables them to retool their solutions to meet evolving customer needs. To learn more about the successful partnership between Odigo and Leroy Merlin Spain, watch the video here.

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