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Odigo now integrates with Google Clouds Contact Center AI

This year for the first time Odigo took part in the Google Cloud Summit Paris to announce its integration with Contact Center AI, the new Google Cloud suite specifically designed for contact centers.
Odigo now integrates with Google Clouds Contact Center AI
June 19, 2019 2 min of reading

This year for the first time Odigo took part in the nowadays unmissable event for the Cloud sector in France: the Google Cloud Summit Paris. It was held on June 18, at Le Palais des Expo, Porte de Versailles.

Thibaud Pietri of Odigo, and Dominique Pfeffer, Cloud Technology Partners Lead at Google, announced the integration of Odigo with Contact Center AI, the new Google Cloud suite specifically designed for contact centers. Odigo is one of the first leading players in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) field to integrate this suite in Europe. Corentin Messerschmidt, Head of Odigo Innovation Lab Paris, and Lois Le Sceller, Lead Product Manager, were joined on stage by Philippe Thibault, Director of Transversal and Data Solutions at Allianz France Executive, to present a live demonstration showing how to use Odigo with the Google Cloud Contact Center AI suite.

Tech Partner

Odigo officially became a Google Tech Partner in January. This partnership between Odigo, a leader in the field of Contact Center as a Service (CCaasS) in Europe, and Google, a global leader in the field of AI, is a logical development. It is a reflection of Odigo’s desire to move towards more integrations with third-party AI connectors, as had already been done with CRM connectors like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Integrating Dialogflow

Odigo’s omnichannel bot offer now also includes a connector to Google Dialogflow. Odigo’s customers have therefore access to the cognitive capabilities of Google’s engine, with the possibility of integrating a preexisting conversational agent or creating a new Dialogflow conversational agent.

An example being often better than a long speech, let’s imagine a consumer contacting the customer service department of a company using our solution and Dialogflow. The Odigo omnichannel bot takes care of both welcoming and qualification thanks to its advanced language comprehension and dialogue management functions. It detects a request that is the subject of the Dialogflow’s path string. Thanks to the connector, Odigo’s omnichannel bot conducts the conversation with the customer while interacting with Dialogflow. For the customer, this operation is transparent, and the experience is seamless and fluid.

If the user requests it, or if the bot cannot process a request, an escalation to an agent remains possible at any time – by chat or by phone, immediately or by appointment. The Odigo omnichannel bot provides the agent with the entire context of the conversation, which allows him to pursue the interaction under the best possible conditions.

The Odigo suite provides the agent with tools and resources giving him a global vision of the demand that arises (reasons/intents, customer profile, history of interactions, etc.) and allow him to better respond. The result? The customer gets an appropriate response and the agent sees his work greatly facilitated. This creates a seamless, end-to-end relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Didn’t have a chance to join us at the Google Cloud Summit Paris 2019? Contact us to arrange a demo and learn more about the integration of Odigo with Contact Center AI and our connector to Google DialogFlow.

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