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Odigo employees get involved for the 2nd edition of Engagement Days

From November 17th to the 26th, members of Odigo took part in the second annual edition of Engagement Days to help five organizations and the communities they serve.
Odigo employees get involved for the 2nd edition of Engagement Days
December 22, 2021 2 min of reading

Engagement Days is an initiative created two years ago at the request of many employees to act upon Odigo’s values: humanity, commitment and openness. After a first edition in 2020 rich in highlights, and despite the remote nature of the event (see the full story), this second edition brought together more than 10% of Odigo employees, the majority of whom participated in Engagement Days for the first time.

Helping youth achieve more

Engagement Days began with two organizations facing similar challenges. The first, Écoles de la 2e Chance, provides training and job search skills to young adults who are looking for work, but they do not have the credentials of traditional educational institutions. One of the program’s missions is to build effective resumes, skills and confidence to succeed on job searches.

Volunteers from Odigo helped young interns optimize their CVs by highlighting the values they hope to bring to their future workplaces. Participants worked in pairs to simulate job interviews.

Thomas Guichard, head of the E2C site in the Seine-Saint-Denis departement (93), says that “this type of workshop is always a win-win for the young people because it allows them to put themselves in a true situation, but also to break down the stereotypes that we may have about young people from the 93 region. Thank you for your involvement,” he concluded. 

“It was a very rewarding day, it was nice to share our skills and know-how with the trainees of Écoles de la 2e Chance” says Germain Piveteau, Head Account Sales at Odigo. According to him, “it opens up to environments that are not our own. And it’s also a way to help young people in their professional integration. I’m proud to have contributed to this.”

Supporting professional development

Day 2 of Engagement Days took place in Lyon with the association AIDEN Chantiers, which provides support through workshops for people who have difficulty accessing stable employment. They also help people get initial work experience and consolidate their technical skills by developing business expertise. AIDEN Chartiers also partners with other social organizations to provide the best help possible. 

During this activity with AIDEN Chantiers, Odigo employees contributed to the restoration of vegetable gardens in an eco-park. For Joël Pansier, “it was a beautiful sunny morning, rich in lessons and generosity”. A member of AIDEN Chantiers also expressed gratitude for the work of Odigo collaborators, saying they “were very efficient, the transformation is stunning!”.

In Rouen, employees spent the afternoon with the tenants of Residence des Sapins, an establishment that houses elderly people receiving social assistance. They took part in various activities in the residence such as creative pursuits, video games and board games.

“These Engagement Days allowed us to get out of our daily lives, giving a little of our time to those in need”, says Hadjila Kerriche. “We came out of this experience proud, and we will gladly do it again”, she continues. Guillaume Charlet added “We got out of our comfort zone, and we discovered a place that we didn’t know very well”.

Odigo helps in the fight against exclusion

On the penultimate day of Engagement Days, Odigo volunteers from the Montpellier site participated in the daily life of a homeless shelter by helping less fortunate and vulnerable people.

Corus, a part of the Gammes association, is a place where those living on the streets can find daily help. During this morning, Odigo employees welcomed and gave breakfasts and clothes to people in need. For Léventé Nagy, it was a “rich morning, it put our feet back on the ground”. Christophe Maraval said it was a “great half-day, away from our computers and in a different reality from our daily lives”. “We met people with big hearts and we had the chance to help them”, he continued.

Smart workshops for a more inclusive work environment

Engagement Days came to an end with the AFMD association, which brings together employers who want a more inclusive environment and a respectful workplace for everyone. The association relies on the results of scientific research and daily professional activities in order to work on different topics to help prevent discrimination in the workplace.

During this time, employees workshopped with the association to develop a communication campaign, which will be used to sell companies a new tool to promote inclusion.

In small groups, Odigo employees had to come up with a new name for the tool and to offer a communication strategy. The aim of this new strategy was to make the tool known externally to members and non-members alike, but also internally to encourage employees to answer the questionnaire.

At the end, each group presented their name proposal and communication strategy to their colleagues and members of the association. They were delighted with all of the proposals. “We are very pleasantly surprised by all your proposals, they can really be implemented in our project”, said a member of the association. Another member thanked the Odigo volunteers for “the diversity of answers” and added that they “perfectly understood our challenge”.

Following these presentations, Odigo employees shared a meal with members of AFMD association to close the proceedings.

Odigo employees enjoy Engagement Days

As a reminder, this 2021 edition brought together 5 projects: the professional integration of young people with E2C, environmental projects with the association AIDEN, the creation of an intergenerational link with the residents of the EPHAD la résidence des Sapins, and finally, the fight against exclusion with the associations Gammes (Corus) and AFMD.

These Engagement Days have become a time for exchange and sharing, much appreciated by Odigo’s employees. And given the success of this second edition, employee volunteers are eagerly awaiting the 2022 Engagement Days.

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