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Evolving European Customer Service Landscape Unveiled in Latest ECCCSE and CCMA Report

The most recent customer service trends in six European markets are detailed in a new report supported by Odigo.
Evolving European Customer Service Landscape Unveiled in Latest ECCCSE and CCMA Report
September 5, 2023

London, United Kingdom, 5th September: A fresh report published by the ECCCSE (European Contact Center & Customer Service Exchange) and CCMA (Call Center Management Association), with the backing of Odigo, the leading European Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider, compliant with all EU regulatory and compliance prerequisites, exposes the shifting customer service landscape across six of Europe’s largest markets. 

Almost one out of three (31%) consumers across the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands believe that customer service has deteriorated over the past 12 months. A flourishing e-commerce market has introduced many UK consumers to seamless digital experiences, which they now anticipate from all sectors and brands. Concurrently, financial and political uncertainties are reshaping the support context, with the impact of financial difficulties being keenly felt. This interplay between expectations and economic conditions is potent. The report discloses that consumers in these six countries who are grappling with financial constraints are more inclined to perceive a decline in customer service standards – with over a third (38%) of those facing financial challenges believing that customer service has worsened over the past year. There is also the added challenge of instability, with 44% of UK consumers expressing reduced certainty about the future. The findings suggest that this heightened need for assistance, a major determinant of customer service perceptions, is projected to persist. 

Significantly, for organizations serving customers in multiple European nations, the data reveals several trends that can aid brands in tailoring effective customer-centric strategies. These include customer preferences in terms of self-service and specific queries. Among the six markets, for instance – while both the UK and Spain register the highest levels of negative opinions about customer service – Spain also garners more positive ratings and achieves a superior overall outcome. Moreover, sectors at the forefront, dealing with a high volume of calls from vulnerable citizens during challenging times, received less favorable feedback, particularly utilities and government services. These two sectors are among those most impacted by ongoing global economic and social disruptions. 

Leigh Hopwood, Managing Director of ECCCSE and CEO of CCMA, remarks, “This research underscores how a demanding economic and political milieu is leaving its mark across Europe. In an era of widespread uncertainty and financial constraints, individuals all across the continent, more than ever, demand and anticipate prompt resolution to their inquiries and issues.” 

Melissa Cowdry, Director of Field Marketing at Odigo, adds, “Success will hinge on leadership in the field of customer experience, built on the ability to listen to consumers, understand and predict their needs, and empower agents with robust CCaaS solutions driven by AI and data.” 

About CCMA    

For nearly 30 years, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association), as the longest established contact centre industry body, has been dedicated to supporting contact centre leaders across the UK. Founded on the principles of sharing best practice and networking to improve skills and knowledge, the CCMA is a thriving community that represents leaders from a huge cross-section of the industry.   

Membership of the largest community in the industry offers unique opportunities, such as free annual benchmarking of 20+ KPIs, free entry into the UK National Contact Centre Awards and free tickets to the UK National Contact Centre Conference, invites to Executive Networking Dinners and exclusive events for members-only. Members also benefit from discounted training through the UK National Contact Centre Academy, the industry’s training partner.   

To support the industry further, the CCMA conducts regular original research for download, including the annual Voice of the Contact Centre Consumer research, the Evolution of the Contact Centre tracking the industry’s progress and Good Practice Guides on a variety of topics.   


About Odigo    

Odigo is a leading provider of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions that facilitate communication between large organisations and individuals using a global omnichannel management platform. With its innovative approach based on empathy and technology, Odigo enables brands to connect through the crucial human element of interaction, while also taking full advantage of the potential of digital. A pioneer in the customer experience (CX) market, the company caters to the needs of more than 250 large enterprise clients in over 100 countries.    

September 5, 2023 Evolving European Customer Service Landscape Unveiled in Latest ECCCSE and CCMA Report

The most recent customer service trends in six European markets are detailed in a new report supported by Odigo.

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